Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, which makes the earth warmer. Carbon dioxide emitted by human activity is a serious threat to our environment.

Climate Change Center

Planning & Development Department

Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir

Pakistan is among the top-most countries vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and AJ&K is one of the most vulnerable regions in Pakistan. The manifestation of natural disasters such as floods and landslides in the State, has caused great damage to life and property of the mountain population and physical infrastructure. As such, the forest, water and land resources of the State need to be protected to safeguard the catchment of the Mangla reservoir and other potential hydro-power stations, habitat and biodiversity, agriculture, physical infrastructure, animal and human health.

For ensuring water, food and energy security and protecting different sectors from climate change impacts, Government of AJ&K has established the Climate Change Center with the support of Asian Development Bank under Flood Emergency Reconstruction and Resilience Project (FERRP).


Overall goal of the Center is to “mainstream climate change into development process and to make communities of AJ&K Climate Change resilient through awareness on climate change adaptation and mitigation”.

Long term Objectives

  • To integrate development and climate change into national development planning and socio-economic policy through strengthening and sustainability of Climate Change  Center at Planning and Development Department, AJ&K
  • The project aims to help people of AJ&K to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change impacts, wise utilization of natural resources and to build the capacity of the people in sustainable use and management of natural resources and human development.
  • To ensure the implementation of the National and AJ&K Climate Change Policies, Strategies and Action Plans at State level.
  • To ensure the implementation of sustainable development plans, strategies and awareness programs.
  • Incorporation of Climate Change impacts analysis into economic policies.
  • Appraisal and processing approval of public sector projects/programs to achieve sustainable development goals and targets.
  • To ensure that all major investments are made in environment friendly manner to ensure sustainable development.
  • Review of all the Climate Change related aspects of the public sector development programs in areas such as agriculture, forests, industry, energy, water, power and transport and energy etc.
  • Work closely with the other Economic and Technical sections of the Planning & Development Department (P&DD), Federal Ministries and International agencies on Climate Change impacts awareness raising, sensitization and advocacy.
  • Strengthening the institutional and professional capacities of concerned Govt. Line Departments, through the development of skills in climate change.

Short term Objectives

  • Awareness to the general public on climate change impacts and associated disasters
  • Training of staff of Government departments, NGOs and communities on climate change
  • Collection of primary and secondary data regarding climate change
  • Writing of concept papers/ proposals for resource mobilization from State, national and international donors
  • Coordination for implementation of AJ&K Climate Change Policy with stakeholders at AJ&K and national level
  • Supporting Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and REDD+ projects in AJ&K
  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of climate change initiatives of sectoral departments

 Relationship with sector objectives

The objectives and strategy of the project is also in line with the following commitments and obligations of Government of Pakistan

  • Eleventh 5 year plan 2013-18
  • National Climate Change Policy 2012
  • AJ&K Climate Change Policy 2017
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • Vision 2025 (Pakistan)
  • Rio Conventions, Paris Agreement, CDM
  • National Environment Policy 2005
  • Environmental Management Framework (AJ&K)
  • The Pakistan National Conservation Strategy

Related Departments

Climate change related sectoral projects of Departments of Forests, Wildlife & Fisheries, Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock etc.