Consultative Workshop in Mirpur Azad Jammu and Kashmir 22 Feb 2018

CCC Consultative Workshops Regarding Strategy & Action Plan

Climate Change Center (CCC), Planning & Development Department (P&DD), Government of AJ&K (GoAJ&K) has formulated the AJ&K-Climate Change Policy. The policy has been prepared in consultation with different Line Departments of AJ&K. Climate Change Center AJK is pioneer development and approval the Climate Change Policy from the AJ&K cabinet. In order to implement the AJK Climate Change Policy and to mitigate and adapt the impacts of Climate Change, CCC has formulated AJ&K “Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Strategy As of 2035” and “AJ&K Climate Change Action Plan (2018-2028)”. The separate strategies on Climate Change Adaptation, mitigation, communication, monitoring and evaluation and action plans on behalf for proper implementation of the AJK Climate Change Policy are formulated. These documents have been developed in response to the growing concern of the negative impacts of Climate Change and Climate Variability on the AJK’s social, economic and physical environment. The overall aim is to enhance the technical, institutional and individual capacity of the AJ&K to address the disastrous and overwhelming impacts of Climate Change on AJ&K. It will also help in mainstreaming climate change into development which is a basic objective of the AJK CCC.

Moreover, in order to finalize the above mentioned documents, CCC has organized three consultative workshops at divisional level; at Rawlakot (Poonch Division), Mirpur and Muzaffarabad Division. In these workshops, CCC has taken the consultations from the relevant Line Departments to be assimilated in these documents. CCC has incorporated the suggestions and feedback from the relevant stakeholders. The documents have been finalized and will be presented in the meeting of AJK Climate Change Policy Implementation Committee (AJKCCPIC) meeting for the approval. The forum will approve these documents which will be shared with all the stakeholder for implementation.